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Help us campaign today for a better tomorrow!


Help us campaign today for a better tomorrow!

News From the Chairman

2020 June 9 Primary Poll Changes

The following are the 

Republican Candidates for

Georgetown County

The offices that have more than 1 Candidate will  be on the ballot in the June 9 Primary

2020 County Republican Candidates



Ken Baker, FB



Allen Weldon Morris, FB

Chase Ridgeway FB


County Council, District 2

Bob Anderson, FB

Ronald L. Charlton FB


County Council, District 5

Raymond Newton


County Treasurer

Miriam Mace, FB

Allison Peteet, FB


Probate Judge

Leigh Powers Boan



Carter Weaver, FB

State House of Representatives, District 108

Lee Hewitt, FB


State Senate, District 32

David Ellison, FB, Linkedin


State Senate, District 34

Stephen Goldfinch


US House of Representatives, District 07

Tom Rice


US Senate

Duck Buckner, FB

Lindsey Graham, FB

Michael LaPierre, FB

Joe Reynolds, FB

Very Important Year !!

2020 elections will be here before you know it; if you are interested in helping us elect Republicans, contact us at

PO Box 2301

Pawleys  Island, SC 29585.

Attention: Karol Anderson

Chairman, Georgetown GOP

God Bless  America!!

Chairman Karol Anderson 

The Platform

Summary of platform


I. To Form A More Perfect Union

• Continued efficiency and accountability in Government Restructuring

• Policies which restore public confidence in the Judiciary

• Constitutional adherence to States’ Rights 

• A Tax Policy which promotes prosperity


II.  To Establish Justice

• An end to racial and gender Discrimination and Affirmative Action 

• Strict adherence to Ethics in Government 

• Governmental protection of Constitutional Property Rights

• Legal recognition of the Right to Life

• Freedom in the job market through The Right to Work 

• Ensure the Integrity of the Election Process 

III.  To Insure Domestic Tranquility

• A swift, sure, and true Criminal Justice system 

• Opposition to state-sponsored Gambling 

• High regard for the institutions of Marriage & Family 

• The abolition of Pornography in our society

• The valid role of Religion in our culture 

• Tougher efforts to stop Substance Abuse 

• A compassionate, yet moral approach to Teen Pregnancy


IV. To Provide for the Common Defense

• A commitment to Peace Through Strength in Foreign Policy 

• A constitutional view of the Right to Bear Arms

• A high regard for United States Sovereignty

V. To Promote the General Welfare

• A Balanced Budget and Eliminate the Deficit

• Transparency of Government Revenue and Expenditures 

• Incentives to make the Economy grow 

• Increased educational options and a return to academic excellence in Education 

• An effective, yet sensible policy on the Environment 

• Consumer Driven Health Care 

• An agenda to empower Senior Citizens

VI.  Secure The Blessings of Liberty

The blessings of liberty were not forever secured by the ratification of the 

Constitution of the United States. The price of liberty is often dear

and must be paid by each generation.

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Elected Officials



Senator Lindsay Graham 

Senator Tim Scott



Congressman Tom Rice



Town of Pawleys Island

Mayor  Brian Henry

Guerry Green

Rocky Holliday

Ashley Carter 

Sarah Zimmerman


Town of Andrews

Mayor  Frank McClary

Mayor Pro Temp  Eddie Lee

Jamie Altman

Angela Anderson

Amy Flagler

Brad Prince

Rob Stamper


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Republican Organizations


Georgetown county republican meeting

Meeting is on the 3rd Monday of the month,

          unless it is a Holiday or if the library is using the meeting room


Time            7:00 PM

Location      Either Waccamaw Library (41 St. Pauls Place, Pawleys Island) or

                     Georgetown Library ( Cleland Street, Georgetown)

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